If you like this style of game, here are some other digital experiences from Royal Pavilion & Museums that you might enjoy.

Tales of the Pavilion Hospital

Like Murder in the Manor, this is an interactive story written by young people.


Tales of the Pavilion Hospital is set in the Royal Pavilion. Built as a seaside palace for King George IV, it was transformed into a hospital during WW1.

It was first used as a hospital for Indian soldiers who had become sick or wounded while fighting for the British on the Western Front. When the Indian troops were withdrawn from France and Belgium, it became a hospital for British soldiers who had lost arms and legs.

Stone Age Quest

This game is based on a Neolithic site in Brighton. Known as the Whitehawk Causewayed Enclosure, it’s one of the oldest and biggest Neolithic monuments in the UK.


Designed for Key Stage 2 school children, Stone Age Quest invites the player to solve puzzled across the camp. On the way they’ll learn more about life for these early humans.

Royal Pavilion Saloon

If you like the 360 degree views featured in Murder in the Manor, you may enjoy this interactive website about the Royal Pavilion Saloon.


After many years of restoration work, this spectacular room reopened to the public in September 2018.

This interactive view lets you explore the decorative details, and contains information hotpsots that tell you more about the restoration process.