Murder in the Manor is an Arts Council funded collaboration between Brighton & Hove’s Royal Pavilion and Museums, the Little Green Pig creative writing group, and the website developer, Say Digital.

In early 2013, eleven young writers aged 12-16 came to Preston Manor and wrote a murder mystery inspired by the building and its contents. This short film by Fat Sand captures some of the process.

You can learn more about the making of the Murder in the Manor on the Royal Pavilion and Museums blog.

Although many people helped create this website, our main thanks is due to the writers who gave their time and talents for this project.

The writers

  • Pearl Ahrens
  • Morgan Aplvor
  • Ava Aubrey Conboy
  • Chaska Covatti
  • Spike Jackson
  • Rhys Lamberth
  • Elsa Merrett
  • Estanislao Miles
  • Jasmine Render
  • Leo Rogers
  • Cleo Turner-Johnson